Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It has taken seven months, an intense round of interviews, consent from the Governor and confirmation by the State Senate, but today Barry Conover is officially the executive director of the Utah State Tax Commission.

"We all know Barry and we all like Barry," Commission Chair R. Bruce Johnson told a comittee of State Senators. "But we did not hire Barry because we know him and like him."

"We hired him because after an extensive search, he was found to be the best person to lead the Tax Commission," the Commission Chair explained to the Senators who unanimously recommended him for Senate confirmation.

Mr. Conover, a 38-year veteran of the Tax Commission, replaces Rodney Marrelli who passed away Oct. 30, 2010.

He expressed his support to the division directors, managers and supervisors leading the 652 full-time Tax Commission employees. The new executive director also expressed appreciation to his wife, Kathleen, the Commissioners, Governor, and State Senate for his support.

In expressing his support to the employees, he noted that Tax Commission employees impact the lives of Utah citizens more than any other state agency.