Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beer bucks and such

The Tax Commission makes its annual distribution in December from the alcoholic beverage enforcement and treatment account.
This is a 'restricted' account that generated $5.6 million last year from the sale of beer within the friendly confines of the Beehive State.
The Legislature specifies the monies must be used for promoting the harmful effects of over consumption, reduction in underage drinking, and related areas.
The law allows funds to be use for confinement and treatment where alcohol is a contributing factor in the crime.
The dollars are distributed to cities, towns and counties is determined by these four factors:
1) Local population
2) Convictions for alcohol-related offenses
3) Liquor and beer licenses and outlets, and
4) County population
The data comes from a variety of federal and state sources and the Tax Commission computes the math for distribution to the local governments.

In other taxing matters . . .
  • South Salt City's combined sales tax rate will change to 7.05 percent on Jan. 1. The City imposed the city option sales tx at a rate of .20 percent.
  • Sevier County will increase its transient room tax rate for 3.0 to 4.25 percent.
  • Filmore has imposed the 1 percent municipalilty transient room tax option. On New Years Day the transient room tax rate for our first territorial capital city will be 4 percent.

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