Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Utah’s Free Online Tax Account Management System Gets a Face Lift

Taxpayer Access Point (TAP), Utah’s online tax account management system, helps taxpayers save time and money. Although the system has been successful, taxpayers have asked for changes and improvements through the years. In response, TAP is getting a new look and enhanced functionality on Dec. 12.
What’s Different?
The improved system will still have the same security, but you can now access it on more browsers (you no longer need Microsoft Silverlight installed). You will also receive reminders, correspondence and other account information through TAP’s notification system.

In addition, you can now access the following tax types:

· Miscellaneous Sales Taxes, Fees and Charges including Lube Oil, Multi‐Channel Audio/Visual, and Sexually Explicit Business (TC‐62W and TC‐62WW)
· Municipal Telecommunication Tax (TC‐62Z)
· E‐911 Emergency Services Tax (TC‐62Y)
· Insurance Premium (TC‐49)
· Self Insurer’s (TC‐420)
· Brine Shrimp (payments only)

If you have already registered with TAP, you can still use your current login information to:

· File and amend returns
· Make and schedule future payments
· Check refund status
· See account balances
· Request payment plans and waivers of penalty and interest

Tax preparers and payroll companies can continue to manage their client accounts through TAP (with proper registration).

How do I Get an Account?
If you haven’t signed up for TAP yet, go to to start. The service is free and is still the fastest way to get your income tax refund!

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